Leadership development

Developing leadership capacity to accelerate your business

Investing in your leaders

A study by the Center for Creative Leadership holds that 65 percent of companies with mature leadership development programs drove improved business results as compared to 6 percent of companies without such a program.

Similarly, 86% of companies with leadership development programs responded rapidly to changing market conditions whereas only 52% of companies with immature programs were able to do so.

Investing in leadership skills is essential for the health of an organisation. We encourage leaders to work with their identity and create meaning for teams to drive change and deliver results that lead to sustainable business improvement.

Through the use of diagnostic tools to build self-awareness, intensive coaching and experiential learning methods, we combine the right balance of challenge and support to have a truly transformational impact on the leaders we work with.

Our leadership framework identifies a number of development areas:

  • Self-development (identity, reflection, behaviours, impact on others)
  • Authentic leadership and vision
  • Capability to deliver results through others
  • Ability to drive change through situational analysis

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Layer 4
  • Development and assessment centres to identify future leaders
  • Graduate programmes to nurture future leaders
  • Training to develop leaders as they transition into new roles
  • Executive and board level development (individual or group basis)
  • Creative inspirational leadership strategy
  • Improvement of leadership communication skills